5 Kitchen trends to look out for in 2024

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In recent years, numerous interior designers and DIY enthusiasts have found ample inspiration to remodel their kitchens.
1.Dark Stainless Kitchens:

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen this year with a new colour trend? Then look no further than dark stainless steel, rising as a trend due to its ability to infuse spaces with a sense of modern sophistication and luxury. Its sleek, muted finish offers a refreshing alternative to traditional stainless steel, appealing to homeowners seeking a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic for their interiors. Euromaid's EO916ASTB seamlessly integrates the allure of dark stainless steel, adding a touch of modern style and durability here in 2024.

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90cm 16 Function Built-in Oven with Air Fry, Dark Stainless
2. Vintage-Style Kitchens:

History is repeating itself in 2024 and 50s Californian style kitchens are making a comeback. With a brand-new contemporary spin of modern technology and appliances, your retro-style kitchen will create a wow-factor in your home. Whether it’s a pop of colour or Scandinavian influence, vintage-style kitchens are here to make you feel a true blast from the past in 2024. 

3. More Metallic:

Metallic finished trim lines around kitchen cabinets saw a huge demand last year. Metal is said to give your kitchen a personality and a touch of history, without turning your whole space into a historical scenery. If done properly, a touch of metal in your kitchen brings ruggedness, character and integrity in your cooking space - all while giving you the advantage of longevity and timelessness in your kitchen

4. Built-In Airfry:

Discover the game-changer in kitchen technology: built-in air fry! Say goodbye to countertop clutter and hello to convenience. With the push of a button, enjoy crispy, delicious dishes without the need for extra gadgets or oil. Built-in air fry makes healthy cooking easier than ever, revolutionizing the way you prepare your favourite meals whiles saving space in the kitchen. Just like Euromaid's EPO617ASTB, built-in air fry technology is trending in 2024, becoming a sought-after feature for kitchen appliances.

5. Strong Outdoor Influence:

COVID-19 forced many to spend more time indoors, therefore triggering many genius minds to bring the outdoor feels to their indoor spaces. That trend is expected to grow, as innovators bring the visual and physical outdoor elements, indoors. With warm outdoor colours, communal green areas and eye-catching lighting, the new year will bring a strong outdoor sway inside your kitchen.